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Nutrition Policy

 Food Brought From Home

Goal: To supervise and assist children to receive safe and nutritious food


  • parents will receive advice on both suitable and unsuitable food and drinks to pack for their children (refer to ‘NO Junk Food Policy’)
  • water will be available at all times
  • children will wash their hands before handling food or eating meals or snacks

Goal: To provide an eating environment that assists the transmission of family and multicultural values


  • staff members should sit with children at meal times
  • multicultural differences will be recognized and accepted
  • Food awareness activities will be chosen from a variety of cultures
  • Special occasions may be celebrated with culturally appropriate foods (no pork or beef)
  • Food is never to be used as a form of punishment (either by its provision or denial)
  • Parents will be advised when their child is not eating well

Goal: To teach children about food and nutrition


  • food awareness activities will be included in the centre program
  • The foods being eaten by the children will be discussed with them
  • Children will be encouraged to get practical experience in food preparation
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